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We offer stages suitable for a wide range of events from outdoor to indoor event, catwalk show to gala dinner, different high and size to match with your needed.

We aim at offering the best-fit stage for your event with top quality, both technically and structurally.


Venue Decorations

Our professional team will inspires a creative event stage background design and customize a solution based on experience. We can help your plan in highly effective, from the design to construction.

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Music Instrument

Looking for a sound equipment hire services in Hong Kong? DS own and provide high-quality music instrument, professional audio sound equipment for hire and experienced audio technicians to operate the sound equipment to perfection. 

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Design & Production

Different lighting combination are necessary. It can make the ordinary venue more attractive. Lighting can also be enhance the people feel more luxury for the venue, the opening dance more entertainable, the launch event more fashionable and the live band show more lively, it also be good for a conference, to make the stage lighting balance and more comfortable. 

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Design & Production

Tailor-made props, eye-catching design booth, technologies ideas present, from design to the production we would be pleased to provide the solutions for our clients in better quality services within your budget.



Looking for an venue and organizer to help your coming event in Hong Kong. We are a fully integrated the event equipment, graphic design, technical team and event management company based in Hong Kong over 20years. Give DS team a chance, we can't wait to work together with your team.

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Annual Dinner


We have countless experience in gala dinner production, be it in restaurant, hotel, HKCEC or even Asia World EXPO.

Our rich experience enables us to advise our clients not only on stage effect but also the running of the event and creative theme ideas.



To combine with LED wall background, audio sound effect and special lighting visual which your events has become more high technology.

You also can use the LED wall to connect our video team, which everyone can enjoy the large screen Live Feed services.


Design & Production

DS team is specialized in creative gimmicks and thematic decorations. Tell us what's your ideas, let's us make it come true and real.

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Don't worries, it is not difficult to coordinate a large-scale outdoor event. We are more than just a regular event production company. We aim to be your trust-able partner, event coordinator and agency throughout the project. Contact Us Now !!